Why Denise Juneau will beat Ryan Zinke in November

Denise Juneau is doing exactly what I thought she would in her campaign for Montana's lone seat in Congress; she is spending time, and a lot of it, in Montana's tribal communities. This isn't a new thing for her but I believe it is what will help her beat Ryan Zinke for U.S. Congress in November. I was tempted to go into a litany of voter statistics but I'm not going to. It is a well-known fact that Montana's Native American voters are a powerful constituency despite many challenges they face even being able to vote. Her efforts, and those of Western Native Voice, in Montana's tribal communities will help make an even bigger impact this year. The cool thing about Denise Juneau is that although I'm positive she knows the true impact of the Native American vote in Montana - how it pushes statewide Democrats over the hump - she isn't doing it because of the math. You can tell she is spending time in tribal communities because it is the right thing to do and she actually cares. It's a real thing in a political world that is hard to navigate because all we hear is rhetoric and spin. Juneau, who is enrolled member of the Mandan Hidatsa Tribes and a descendant of the Blackfeet tribe, will give Montana's Native Americans the representation that they deserve. I haven't talked to her about this and I don't spend my time working for any political party but I know she understands the challenges and the opportunities that Native American communities are facing and won't just give lip service to policy issues that need urgent attention on tribal lands. I am looking forward to voting for her in November.      

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