Southeastern Montana is EPIC Montana

"Give me tree-line, give me big sky, get me snow-bound, give me rain clouds, give me bed time....just sometimes..." - Gregory Alan Isakov One of my personal goals is to make sure that all Montanans know how special and unique southeastern Montana is - the people, the wildlife, the landscapes. We only protect the places that we love. Colin Ruggiero, filmmaker and photographer, was able to capture the immense beauty of the landscape (and also some young cows that got curious about his camera equipment) in a short film for Epic Montana. As they state on the site, "the distinctive rock formations, rich grasslands, and wide-open spaces of Eastern Montana combine to create one of the most dramatic and surreal landscapes in North America. In this, the second installment of "Chasing Light," filmmaker Colin Ruggiero hauls his movable time-lapse factory to some of the most remote and fantastic reaches of this spare and beautiful corner of Epic Montana." For some reason, when I watch it, the song "3 a.m." by Gregory Alan Isakov comes to mind.
well its 3 a.m again, like it always seems to be
drivin northbound, drivin homeward, drivin wind is drivin me
and it just seems so funny that i always end up here,
walkin outside in the storm while looking way up past the tree-line
its been some time…

give me darkness when i’m dreaming
give me moonlight when i’m leaving
give me shoes that weren’t made for standing
give me tree-line, give me big sky, get me snow-bound, give me rain clouds give me a bed time…just sometimes
So check out this epic video of southeastern Montana and fall in love.    

2 Comments on “Southeastern Montana is EPIC Montana

  1. A girl that worked for me said that cattle ooze feom every orafice! She was from the east 🙂

  2. As if anyone from west of Forsyth even cares about southeastern montana:(