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Welcome to east of Billings (EOB). This is a site dedicated to the amazing people and places in the eastern part of the great state of Montana. It's growing a bit into other areas but I write mostly about coal, energy, politics, organizing and sometimes other things about Montana or my life if the mood strikes. I managed the Tribal Lands Partnerships Program for the National Wildlife Federation for about a decad and am now on a leave of absence as I pursue some writing projects. The best way to navigate the site is by category. Just click on the photo or text below to see all blogs related to that topic.  Be patient as I get the architecture of the site how I want it. It may take me awhile to figure things out. I appreciate you visiting and would love to hear from you.

The banks of Otter Creek. Photo of public land site where we hosted the Lummi Totem Pole. 2013. Photo copyright Alexis Bonogofsky.

Otter Creek Valley and Proposed Coal Mine


 Local ranchers, Amish ranchers, Tribal Historic Preservation Officers and conservationists gather to discuss the important cultural sites on the Tongue River that are currently threatened by the proposed Tongue River Railroad. STB Tour April 2013. Photo by Beth Raboin.

Tongue River Railroad


Black Thunder Coal Mine in Wyoming. Photo by EcoFlight.



2012 Deer Hunt along the Tongue River.




Farming and Ranching

 Liam on Rosebud Creek


 Yellowstone Bison on Fort Peck Reservation 2013. Copyright Alexis Bonogofsky.