PHOTOS: Out and about in Rosebud County, Montana

All shots taken on December 2, 2014. I grabbed my camera, my dogs, took some back roads, and explored some state sections in Rosebud Co. Enjoy. This is Ole. Ole hates having his picture taken. I took this one and then..... BONOGOFSKY-1418-140422 called his name. Ole   This is a state section just west of Colstrip. BONOGOFSKY-1430-140422 BONOGOFSKY-1448-140422 BONOGOFSKY-1469-140422 BONOGOFSKY-1474-140422 BONOGOFSKY-1461-140422 BONOGOFSKY-1478-140422 This is not the best photo by any means but I think it is really cool how the pronghorn blend into their surroundings. They were made for this country and the country was made for them. You can click on the photo to make it bigger. BONOGOFSKY-1507-140422 And then this sunset happened. These photos were taken just off of Cow Creek Road. BONOGOFSKY-1496-140422 BONOGOFSKY-1500-140422 The last light of the day. BONOGOFSKY-1485-140422

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  1. Beautiful. I’ll have to come out and visit next year…