How You Ended Up On My Otter Creek Email List

I imagine that if you don’t know me very well you wonder how or why I’m sending you emails about the proposed Otter Creek coal mine and Tongue River Railroad that will cut through the heart of southeastern Montana. I often wonder if my emails get opened or if, like many Americans, you are bombarded with so many that despite your best intentions it remains unopened or put in the trash right away. You’re busy. You have your own shit to worry about. You have your own places to save. You already have something that you care about and spend your time, money and connections on. I get that. So why do I do it? Most of you know, that I care deeply about what happens in the Otter Creek and Tongue River valleys of southeastern Montana. I love that place. And to protect the places that we love, we have to figure out a ways to make other people care too. Tongue River Valley, southeastern Montana. Photo by Alexis Bonogofsky I have to show you that it is a place worth saving. I have to show you how you, no matter where you live, will be impacted by what happens in that far away, beautiful valley because of climate change. I have to convince you that you should spend some of your time, money and connections on stopping the largest proposed coal mine in the country because in the end, it will affect each and every one of us. And, I have to compete with a million other worthy causes. That is why you are on my list. So, to all of you that have handed me your business card at a conference, are my friend or family, a professional acquaintance or colleague, a local, state or national politician that I have given money to (or not), a Facebook friend, journalist or blogger, I want to say thank you. Thank you for every time that you have opened up my emails and clicked on the link to my blog, news article or request to take action. Thank you for your time, for your money, for your attention. I know all three are in high demand and I want you to know I don’t take it for granted. I’m thanking you for what you have done in the past and what I hope you will do in the future.

Because of you the Otter Creek and Tongue River valleys will be saved.


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