Bad Idea: Three-Wheelers

If you lived in Montana in the 1980's, chances are you owned a three-wheeler or had friends who owned three-wheelers.  We had a couple three-wheelers and my Grandpa Frank bought my sister and I a kid's three-wheeler. Yes, you read correctly. They made three-wheelers for children. This was a bad idea. Driving three wheelers without helmets. Bad idea. Wearing shorts while driving said three-wheeler. Bad idea. We tipped it over too many times to count. Somehow we are both still alive.  

My sister and I on a three wheeler. Circa 1982 isn. photo-7Alexis & Amber On Three-Wheeler

One Comment on “Bad Idea: Three-Wheelers

  1. Great pictures. Love the 3 girls on the same machine. Rode a couple myself but only fell off a min-bike and rolled a snowmobile…