4 A.M. Thoughts: First Day of Deer Season

Somehow it's almost hunting season again. And that means it is time for me to start preparing myself for the first morning of the season. Seriously, 4:00 a.m?  What kind of bullshit hour is this? Is it night or day? Why can’t it make up its mind? Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. God, I love coffee. What would I do without it? Do climate change deniers realize what is happening to the coffee crop? They must not, because if they did, we’d already have a global carbon tax. God, I love bed. What would I do without it? It’s so warm. It’s so nice. I bet my bed misses me right now. I wonder if I should go back and check on it to make sure it’s ok? The truck better be warmed up. Damn, it’s cold. You know where it’s not cold? My bed. It’s so dark out. Everything should be sleeping right now, including me. Please stop talking to me. I love you coffee. You never tell me what to do or where to go or that I have to get out of bed. You just wait patiently for me. What do you mean it’s time to get out of the truck? It’s really warm in the truck and the coffee lives here. I’m going to stay with coffee. Fine. Wow, it is so beautiful. I’m gonna get up before sunrise every day.  

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